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Basement Waterproofing

No homeowner wants to deal with a leaking basement, but if you let your basement go you will have water entering your house, destroying the safety and value of your home.

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Basement Waterproofing Signs

When your basement consistently stays damps, leaks, or even floods this can cause major damage to your home and worst case your health. Scroll over our biggest basement waterproofing signs below in order to learn more about your basement’s biggest problems.

Basement Condensation

Condensation is one of the best signs to look for. If your basement always has condensation on the windows, walls, or even floors then it’s a major sign your basement may be starting on a road to severe basement damage.

Water Seepage

Water seepage is a huge problem when it comes to basement waterproofing. This happens when there is cracks and areas that have become open over time. Water sits against your home and eventually starts top seep in if you’re not prepared.

Basement Floor Leaks

Since your basement floor is below the ground area it has a decent chance of starting to flood. Shifting grounds mixed with water will eventually lead to water coming into your basement via your floor.


That chalky white residue that is on your basement walls is actually one of the early signs that your basement needs waterproofing. Damp conditions are exactly what this residue thrives in so if you see it than you know your basement could need waterproofing.

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Basement Waterproofing Solutions

The good news is that if your home has experienced any of the waterproofing signs above there is a solution to fix them. Our full range of basement solutions will have your basement dry no matter if your walls are cracked, property needs regraded, or you have drainage issues. We can provide the waterproofing services you need.

Basement Dehumidifiers

Getting a basement dehumidifier is one of the best ways to control the humidity in your basement. More humidity in your basement leads to more water damage over time.

Crack Repairs

When water starts pouring into your basement from cracks it can quickly lead to serious property damage. Fixing all of your cracks inside and out is crucial to ensuring your basement is waterproof.

Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows are a great option for better waterproofing for your basement windows. These windows are more energy efficient, and very leak resistant even when water is sitting against them for long periods of time.

Sump Pump

Your Sump Pump is the heart of any basement waterproofing system as it collects all of the water from around your house in one location. Once your sump pump collects to much water it automatically turns on and pumps the extra water away from your home.

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Here Are Some Common Basement Waterproofing FAQs.

Why Is Basement Waterproofing Needed?2022-03-22T18:46:57-04:00

Basement Waterproofing is needed when your basement is leaking water because it’s dangerous to your health, safety, and even destroys your property value. Homes that have wet basements usually have poor air quality because mold thrives in these environments. This damp environment will also cause musty odors throughout your home because of the mold, mildew, and standing water in places that you may not even notice.

This water damage will also hurt your bank account because the leaks in your foundation mean that your heating/cooling is escaping your home. As the heating/cooling escapes from your home it forces your systems to stay on much longer. This raises your energy bills and even causes the need for quicker repairs to your expensive HVAC systems.

northeast ohio basement waterproofing service area
North East Ohio Cold and wet conditions make basements in NEO very susceptible to water damage. Our services are perfect to make sure your basement stays dry.

barberton ohio basement waterproofing service area
Barberton, Ohio With cold weather and raining conditions a normal in Barberton it is likely your basement could use some waterproofing. Our experts can help.

medina ohio basement waterproofing service area
Medina, Ohio The wet conditions of Medina Ohio can cause many different problems with leaky basements and we can solve all of these problems for you.

wadsworth ohio basement waterproofing service area
Wadsworth, Ohio The weather in Wadsworth Ohio can be tricky when it comes to keeping your basement leak free, our services ensure your basement stays leak free.

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